Diau, Grotte de la

The Parmelan cave system: more than 45 km total length and over 700 m difference in altitude. And 19 entrances. That allows traverses! And really amaing ones: the 3-Betas La Diau traverse adorns itself with being one of the most beautiful and complete of all of France. And with this being also one of the top traverses in Europe! The whole trip can be done in canyoning style: with one sufficiently long rope! All shafts are equipped with chain stands. If the weather is stable, the adventure can start: first a short hour walk over the Parmelan Plateau. Then it goes down over numerous enormous and beautiful shafts and canyon sections. Short horizontal days at the enormous Salle des Rhomboedres - then again shafts. At the bottom of Puits des Echos you should put on a wetsuit / neoprene. From here on it gets wet and beautiful: a real underground canyon with numerous short steps to abseil down. At some point you arrive at the Collecteur and still have about 2 hours to the exit! One of the most beautiful underground rivers of France: small waterfalls, whirlpool pots and even short swimming passages. At high water you have nothing lost here!
A must for every confirmed caver!